Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pure Joy from Underwater Collection

Finally I got around to posting the third piece (Inner Peace  and Fire of Passion are the first two) from the underwater collection. Pure Joy is done in color ink and watercolor. I first colored the background with watercolor and than inked over it. The joy this woman is feeling is not tainted by and negative undertone, it’s not a joy over someone’s mishap, or victory over a foe, this joy is all about the great things that happen all around. I demonstrated this pure and warm feeling by having red hair and lips. I often see people who smile out of politeness, you can easily spot such smiles by looking into person’s eye. The lips are smiling, but the eyes reflect the true feeling. In this drawing I made irises red as well to show that this joy comes from the heart rather than pretense.

I am almost done with the next piece from this collection, it will be sadness. Just have to finish doing the shadow on it. Don't know what I'll do for the fifth and last of this collection, anger perhaps.

    Original  $100 

   8.5x11 print $20

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