Saturday, May 21, 2011

Joy, Abstract Painting.

Just finished this abstract painting today. This is a small one, 5x7 inches done in watercolor and ink. I wanted to do a few small paintings for giveaways and post cards, so I did this one. Thought it would be a quick painting I can do in a couple of hours, turned out I forgot how long those lines take. Well, no matter. I got one done so far and will make it into a post card. I would normally sell the original of this size for $30, but I'll be giving it away for free. Haven't figured out the time and what people need to do to enter into this giveaway yet, but I'll be posting it soon, so stay tuned.

I'm thinking about starting a youtube channel where I'll be talking about my art as well as about other artists, so I was thinking about giving away this painting to celebrate. What do you think? Anyone who subscribes to my future channel can enter and once the first video gets 100 views this painting goes to the winner? Should I throw in a few more gifts for say 2nd and 3rd places?


  1. That painting is so cool!

  2. stunning artwork I just found you though etsy.
    hope you can check out my blog and follow me if you like it!
    hope you have a great day!

  3. Great colors! Love your work.