Monday, May 23, 2011

Ancestors Spirits, Small Watercolor Painting

I just remembered about this set of small watercolor painting I did last year. I hang them on the wall and forgot all about them. This is from my Ancestor's collection. I have vases, pencil cups, sketch cards, pins, this set plus two larger acrylic paintings all from this collection. Erie Horror fest is responsible for this collection. I was one of the vendors last year for the independent horror movie festival and since I don't really have any horror art, I wanted to have something that would be somewhat horror, but retain my style. I ended up using simplified version of my abstract lines with faces. As a result I got cool ghostly, creepy faces while using more or less the same style. I had a problem finding frames for these, the sizer and shape it too different from what most people work with. My answer to the problem was to make some myself. It's actually not so much a frame as a cool looking back that can be used to hang them on the wall. What I did was basically braided strips of paper from magazines and newspapers into a shape I wanted, and glued the painting onto it. I then covered the surface with a shiny, protective layer of sealant and called it a day. The problem I ended up having though is the price. Because of the braided paper I ended up spending way more time on it and it spiked up the price. Not many people are willing to pay a lot of money for such a small painting. After they weren't sold at the first show, I hang them on the wall to keep them safe and sound and was actually somewhat happy they didn't sell. They look great together, create a larger piece that way. Because I made some of then hang sideways, they look much better when they are all next to each other in a shape they are in on this photo. All good things must come to an end though, I don't like having the same looking walls year after year, I want a change. So, here is what I was planing to do. I'll post them on etsy and if they sell, great. If not... I don't know... I might donate it for some good cause or give them away, or just give them as gifts to my family and friends.

Oh and a quick update, world is standing,  weather is rainy and we got lightning and all, but it's nothing unusual. A few weeks ago we had a roof fly of off a building next to ours, and that was before the end of the world began. From what I hear nothing really changed in the world, just the same old polluted Earth. It's OK though, we have platy of time, the end of the world is supposed to end in 2012 after all. Can't wait to see what happens...

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