Friday, May 27, 2011

Life of a Workaholic

I am somewhat of a workaholic. Not that I enjoy working all that much, but it's the stubbornness in me speaking I think. I have this drive to succeed no matter the obstacles, no matter how much time and effort it will take. Because of it I end up working for 12 hours a day every day. My husband is blaming it on my nursing school habits when I had to stay up all night to finish yet another process record (we had to do one every week), to study for yet another test, to pass yet another skill. I don't know, he might be right, but I think I'm just really stubborn. I have been told too many times that I can't have my art as a full time job, that all artists are starving, that I have to get a 9-5, that I will not make it as self employed. Every time I hear that I end up getting more and more stubborn and working harder and harder to prove them all wrong. So far it's been working. It's a slow process, but it's worth every minute I invested in it.

It's hard to remember to stop and enjoy the moment with my kind of stubbornness, but this is what I have my husband for. He "forgets" to wake me up when I ask him to, he arranges pizza and movies from the 60s nights (we have a couple of those a week) and he reminds me that every now and again I should do something like laundry.

My cats remind me to stop every now and again and feed them, hug then, play with them. If I don't get the message, I get the claws.

I believe this drive of mine is a key to success and the reminders to stop and smell the litter box are there to keep my sanity.

What do you think? Is being a workaholic needed to success in small business? Is it a way to loose one's mind? Is that litter box ever going to learn how to clean itself?

Apocalypse update: It's been a week since this most recent end of the world began. Nothing special today, sunny day with a little bit of rain, I was even able to take some good pictures of my paintings while it was sunny. Doesn't really look like anything changed since the 21st. Monkey is still hunting my feet, Cuteness is still sleeping next to me when I'm on the computer and I'm still writing on this blog. Even my dangerously unsteady balcony hasn't fallen yet.

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  1. Its good to have the drive to succeed but sometimes there need to a balance.

    I work, blog and manage the whole household as my hubby is highly committed to his business but thats ok with me.