Friday, May 13, 2011

Artistic and Sociological Experiment

I was playing in GIMP the other day, didn't really have any idea in mind, just playing with tools to figure out a new way to use them. Well I did find a new way. Super fast abstract digital painting. It tool me less then 5 minutes to do this one. I ended up spending a couple of hours playing with this idea and ended up with 5 paintings that I saved and a ton more that I didn't even bother saving. So, here is a question that popped into my head as I was doodling in GIMP: Can I sell this? Would people actually want to buy this? Will it sell better than pieces that take me a whole day to draw and paint?

The way our society works and the direction art is going, I'm scared to admit, but I think answers would be: yes, yes and yes.

So here is what I decided. I will open a new red bubble account,  come up with a pseudonym and see if it will sell. If It does, well art might be in trouble, but at least I'll make enough money to buy myself that potter's wheel and kiln.

What do you think, would anyone buy these?
A quick update. I just finished a few more of these and expanded the idea a little further, mixing more colors, making faces out of them and so on. I already opened a new account on red bubble for it and will start posting tomorrow. Everything will be posted under a pseudonym Ghostly Digital. I will not advertise it, but I will come up with a strange story for each of these digital paintings. If it will sell, it will not be because of the effort on my part at advertising. I understand it's unfair to compare sales of the work I do advertise and try very hard to get out there, but I simply don't have enough time to spend on advertising yet another account. I will only post a link on my blogs.


  1. Plenty out there who will purchase.

  2. hmmm interesting question. do i think they will sell yes, but do i think they will sell better than art that takes longer to create. actually no i don't, but your experiment is an interesting one, and I can't wait to see how it turns out.