Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good vs Evil, Abstract Drawing

 Good vs Evil, or whatever I'm going to name this abstract drawing when it will be done is underway. It's work in progress. I'm actually just penciling it in so far. It's a really large project, actually made of 8 pieces. It's made of 5 11x7 and 3 8.5x11 pieces. The whole thing will be inked. It's will take me forever, so don't expect the end result any time soon. This is the first time I'm doing something this large and inking it to boot. What was I thinking when I started it? Oh yes, I remember, I was thinking how cool it would look.

I was inspired to do this by a few Jehovah  Witnesses I talked to, who seem to think you can have good without evil. I disagree with them on this. On this drawing I will have red and black part (represents evil) and gold (good) fusing into one another. Because in life, this is exactly how it is. Good feeds the evil and evil feeds the good. Something I see as good might be seen as evil by others. Hunter sees hunting as a way to find food, which is good. Hunted sees it as it's own doom, evil. Evil in this world forces people to do good. Deforestation (evil) is being fought against and forests are being protected and replanted (good). Animal being abused (evil) ends up being rescued (good) and so on.
I can't think of any good that can exist without it's evil counterpart. Birth without death would lead to overpopulation and further deforestation in order to provide more houses for all the people for example.

Is there anything you can think of where good can exist without the evil?

Oh, and a quick update, pastafarians are acting up, I guess it's hard to regulate weather properly when you have Yahweh against you. It was really hot all day today, humid and all. At night it rained. I wonder who will win, Jahweh or pastafarians in this epic battle for earth survival. I place my bet on pastafarians, I think they can stop the end of the world. They were rather successful these first 4 days.

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