Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to Decorate a Frame with Magazine Pages

Today I was doing everything BUT what I was supposed to do. Today is the day I'm supposed to read blogs, haven't even started yet. What I did do though is talk to other bloggers and arranging a giveaway for one of my paintings. It should be up and running in a week or so. I also got offered to be a guest blogger and do a tutorial. Now I can't even find a link because my mind is slowly melting. I'll post it as soon as I will find it though. Oh yes, and I'm also a regular guest blogger for The Art Inquirer, I'll be writing for it once a week or so. Anyway, with doing all that, 8 hours went by and I have only read one blog so far. On a brighter side, I now have a step by step tutorial for my frames. So, here it is:

Take a frame that has flat front (or top if it's laying on the table).

Take some magazines, cut pages of magazines into strips that would fit well on the frame.

Roll strips of paper into little rolls

Glue rolls onto the frame (I used Mod Podge for it, cover them with Mod Podge to make sure they are glued togather and have shiny look as well as protected from some of that damage.

Frame whatever you wish in them.

This is a simplified version of the tutorial. I'll post a link to the full tutorial as soon as it'll be posted and as soon as I'll find the address of that blog again. I'm too disorganized today...

Oh, almost forgot, the end of the world update... It was nice and sunny all day, then it suddenly got dark and started raining (well it looked more like someone was hosing the windows, less then a minute after it started pouring rain, it also started hailing, large chunks of frozen slush. It didn't damage any of my plants though, so I'm happy. This is not that uncommon here in Erie, I mean, it is Erie after all. It's not even that uncommon in the rest of the world. When I lived in Kyrgyzstan for example, we had hail every spring, not long after all the fruit trees would bloom. Trees got used to this and ended up blooming twice every spring. Nonetheless,  I'll go ahead and say that pastafarians are doing a great job and managed to counteract this Yahveh sent disaster in less then 30 minutes. In less than half an hour the sun came back out and everything looked beautiful again. It's been raining on and off though, but that's to be expected from such epic battle between Yahveh and Flying Spaghetti Monster's chosen people.

Update: I did it!!! I found the blog where my tutorial will be posted... it's My Hobby Shop. The frame decorating tutorial is up and running


  1. That's a really cool idea! I love Mod Podge, there's almost nothing it can't do! It's strong, doesn't make paper crinkle up, and is great for decoupage.

  2. I cover all of my acrylic paintings with it because it adds extra protection. After a wall fell on my husband's paintings and survived, I was convinced