Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pen and Ink Fantasy Drawing, Inner Peace

Inner Peace is done in color ink. I first colored the back ground with watercolor paint and drew everything else with pen. This drawing is the first in a series of portraits of women living under water. In this drawing I wanted to capture inner peace that I myself often feel when drawing or simply sitting in the woods by the river with out a worry or thought. This fantasy drawing started as an experiment and turned into a successful series of drawings. I'm planing on drawing related series of drawings in a different setting, so it was a very successful experiment in this respect. When I sat down to draw all I knew was that I wanted to draw, but had no idea what to put on paper. After looking through magazines I finally got inspired. I took a few references of the pose from the magazine and combined it in a sketch. I decided that this was a perfect opportunity to use my color ink set, so instead of coloring using watercolor I used ink. I decided that for underwater theme wavy line approach to inking would work well. Plus it's not the kind of inking I usually see, so introducing something new in this drawing was an added benefit. The underwater towers were born after I already finished the face. I knew I couldn't leave the back ground blank, so I started brainstorming possible backgrounds and eventually decided old looking towers would combine well with the overall theme of serenity and peace. I decided that cool colors and the peaceful water will help underlining the feelings portrayed in this drawing.

Original Painting $100

  8.5x11 print $20

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