Saturday, February 26, 2011

Abstract Watercolor Painting, Intertwined

Intertwined is an abstract watercolor and ink painting. It represents two life lines that are closely connected, intertwined, but are nonetheless different. No matter how close two people are, they will inevitable have different life experience. If a relative dies, everyone in the family will go through their own grief, to each person the diseased meant something slightly different. If two people get married, it too will effect them in a different way. Just like lives of two people can be connected in so many ways, these two lines too are connected. Just like no two people will live the same exact life, nether are these two lines identical. They twist and turn into different directions much like the lives of people.

I have painted a similar painting before, but the colors I used were different. Two lines had their own range of colors that were not present in the other line. For this painting I decided to repeat the colors in both lines to show that although lives are different, we can have similar experience but at different times in our lives. One person might find love at 16 while another at 80.

Original Painting $100

  8.5x11 print $20

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  1. Nice art! The great thing about art is the correlation and interpretation it has upon the viewer. I have to agree with you on the fact that it captures the uncertainty of life while still showing the pattern and rhythm that life seems to maintain.