Saturday, April 30, 2011

Two Lives, Two Paths, Abstract Painting/Drawing

Two Lives, Two Paths is finally up on line. It's done in watercolor and ink, which are becoming my favorite mediums. This painting was has led to me painting intertwined and has the same theme. It represents how different our lives are regardless of how close we are to one another. It shows how although interconnected our lives turn and twist into different direction. We go through the same difficulties, and yet we view them in different lights, we learn different lessons. A few years ago I heard someone say that if I were you I'd do the same exact thing that you did because I'd be you genetically, psychologically, I'd go through the same in life, I'd be raised the same way and I'd feel the same things. In reality however, this is impossible, because non of us can truly see things from another person's perspective because we aren't that person, because although we might know about this person's life, we will never truly know how it effected him or her.
This painting goes with this idea, we are all different and we all have different experiences in life.

Oh yes, and I have a youtube video where I explain more about this painting. This painting does have another meaning btw, I explain it in my video and give an example of how it worked it my own life.

Buy Original Painting $150

   11x17 print $30

   8.5x11 print $20

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