Friday, April 29, 2011

Love, Ink and Watercolor Abstract Painting

On the days when I want to draw or paint but can't figure out what to paint, I do things like this, I draw and paint Love. I'm planing to have a whole collection of words done in abstract lines like this. It's simple and appealing to anyone who... oh I don't know anymore. It's a little frustrating, but here is the whole story. I really love my abstract pieces with deep meaning. Whenever I post it on art sites, I get tons of complements and people tell me how much they love the meaning and how it's represented. When it comes to sales though, the once with the least meaning seem to be selling while those I put so much thought and effort into are not. I'm not saying I don't like this painting or any other simpler abstracts I did, but if I was given a choice between two paintings by the same artist, at the same price done with in similar style, I'd choose the one that has more meaning in it.

Since I like both creating and selling art however, I guess I'll just be doing simple words every now and then when I don't have any better ideas. Well, at least I enjoy painting and drawing abstract whether or not is has a meaning behind it. So, there you go, I vented out my frustration, now I'll go set everything up for the next big project.

This painting is now for sale. You can get ether original or print. There is also a free frame and free shipping for the original if you sign up for the mailing list. I hope this one will sell, because there is that set of color ink pens I had my eyes on... my other set is starting to run out and that brand (Le Pen) isn't easy to find, especially in all the colors I'd like, so as much as I liked those I will have to get a different one this time.

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