Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In the Middle of It all is Love, Abstract Drawing/Painting

In the Middle of It all is Loveis an abstract piece showing relationships and how distracting all the little aspects of it can be. We constantly argue about things that don’t really matter, we have all the problems of paying bills and raising kids, cooking and cleaning. All these things distract us from the only thing that truly matters, and that’s love. On this piece I have one line twisting and turning and somewhere in the middle of it all forms into heart, which represents love. The rest of the line represents all the problems in life. When first looking at the piece many don’t see the heart, everything else is too distracting, same was as in relationships we often forget that love is the reason the two are together.

Done in pen and ink and watercolor.

This is the first piece of this style I did since I started selling my artwork. I've done it in high school during all those boring classes, but since then haven’t even thought about it. Last year I was trying to figure out what else I can draw or paint and remembered the good old days of doodling in the notebook. In the Middle of It all is Love was the result of these memories. I really enjoyed doing this piece, so I ended up doing a few more in the same style.

Original Painting $150

   11x14 print $30

  8.5x11 print $20


  1. Hi, you take care and hope have recovered,like the sharing you did on this painting. Isn't it the facts of life you have stated. Being married, I have to agree with you although along the way, it has mellowed down quite a lot.