Thursday, June 16, 2011

Namesake Set

Have I mentioned I started selling sets of prints of letters? They are sets of 5 letters. I figured it would be a good gift, so there you go. If only I had enough space on my walls, I would hang my own name there. As of right now though it's covered with artwork of countless artists.

When I first decided to do these sets, I had a little problem. I realized that the background color on some of the letters was a little different from others. Lets be honest, it's impossible to mix exactly the same color. In sets it would've looked bad to have mismatched colored prints, so I had to fix the problem. What I did, was a little GIMP magic. I basically painted a blank bage with a color on the background I wanted and then replaced backgrounds of all the letters with this one. This way all the prints now look like they belong together. It took me a lot of time to do it for each and every letter, but it was worht it.

One of the mane reasons I love GIMP so darn much...

Apocalypse Update:
It cooled down again... figures, weekends are approaching... It looks like there wouldn't be and beach time for me this week, although... you can never trust forecast. So nothing new really.

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