Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In the Middle of it all is Love, Abstract Watercolor Painting and Crazy Kitteh

Here comes my second video, In the Middle of it all is Love, plus a little bonus kitty love.
I wanted to poke fun at putting cute adorable animals in the videos and using sex just to get more views. In order to make fun of it, I went ahead and filmed my little kitty friend. He tried to eat me in the process, but it ended well. I ended up getting a lot more views in the first day then I did with the first video. Somehow I think it's because it had "cute kitten" as one of the tags. Surely after Monkey was done trying to kill me, I went ahead and talked about my art, to be more specific, about one painting about love. 
Apocalypse update: Oh, yes the Jews never had those who enslaved them as slaves and there are people living on the land that used to be Babylon. Since the bible predicts these things and they haven't happened yet, there can't be the end of the world just yet. Interesting, I totally forgot about all the predictions the bible made that haven't come true yet. Well, we have a little over 5 month for it all to happen. If it all does happen and the end of the world will come, well... I guess I'll have to accept my defeat. If all these predictions don't happen and the end of the world comes, then God is a liar and I would still have to accept my defeat because I really don't like the end of the world idea. And if the end of the world never happens at all, then I'll go ahead and scream into the faces of everyone who believed in it "I TOLD YOU SO!!!"

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