Monday, June 20, 2011

Cookie and Chocolate Milk Diet

Yeap, this is basically what I was living on for the last few days. Occasional sandwiches and fruits are thrown in, but for the most part it's huge, home made chocolate chip cookies and tons of chocolate milk. I would like to thank Vincent for it since he is the one making these cookies for me. Would you like to know how? I think you would, because they are actually healthy. What he uses is organic chocolate chips (sometimes carob chips), sprouted wheat flour, poppy seeds, brown sugar (sometimes maple sugar), aluminum free baking powder and lots of love. He bakes them at 300F. When he made the first batch I thought they weren't cooked all the way through because they were really soft, but that's actually normal. The taste and texture is actually like something between a cookie and a cupcake. Chocolate milk he's been getting for me is organic Wegman's brand chocolate soy milk. And yes, it's his way to celebrate our anniversary that is coming up on July 4th. That's basically what I've been up to these days, eating cookies, drinking chocolate milk, getting scratched by Monkey boy and fixing up all those letters to get them print ready.

Apocalypse Update: it's a cool summer, I'm rather liking it. This end of the world thing is rather pleasant. I remember last year I was ready to fall over and die from heat. Oh, yes and we officially have 5 month till the end of the world ends.


  1. Chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk sound good to me! Sometime veggies and fruit are over rated :)

  2. lol so true. Though a good, sweet fruit can be a treat as well. mmmm... locally grown strawberries...