Friday, June 24, 2011

Snowflake, Work in Progress

I'm getting ready for the busy season. Summer is the best time to do that. I'm about half way done with this painting, just have to finish the pine tree and do the background color. In order to draw the snowflake, I first cut it out of paper, which is very easy and then I traced in onto the watercolor paper. After that, it's all history. Hm... I just thought about doing a tutorial on drawing snowflakes like this...

Apocalypse Update: It just stopped raining. My little garden is growing really fast with all this rain fall. With all the fresh veggies I don't think this world is doing all that bad and I'm sure those leafy greens agree with me.


  1. what a lovely painting. i love the snowflake. what a great idea to cut it out of paper & then trace it onto the painting!

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