Saturday, June 4, 2011

Abstract Beach and the Palm Tree Pianting. Finally Done

This abstract watercolor and ink Beach and the Palm Tree painting is finally finished. I literally just finished it. The paint is drying, so I can't scan it in, but I took this photo. Tomorrow if all goes well, I'll post it on etsy and perhaps make prints of it as well. I learned a lot from this challenge. Every painting slowly but surely improves my skills, but I think this one improved them much more then any other work I did. It's mainly because I did something I wasn't used to. I experimented, tried new things and as a result learned much. Something I was dreading to do turned into something I really enjoyed painting and seeing it come to fruition.Well, now I'm going to make some prints and see about selling them :)

Apocalypse Update: There was hail today. So much for me wanting to go to the beach... oh well, at least it's not scorching hot and I don't need to water the plants since all the hail melted right in the pots.

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