Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spoof of a Crazy Cat Lady and eHarmony Video

So, I watched this video the other day... You know, the crazy cat lady video. I was actually surprised to see how much hate the woman got. It was rather clear to me that she was playing, it was a role. She is good and it looks realistic, but honestly, she said she wants cats on a rainbow, come on. Anyway, I figured all the hate wasn't enough... I decided to do a spoof of it, as if there weren't plenty of them already... Since I am Russian and I did live in Russia for many years, I figured I'll pretend to have a much heavier accent then I really do and change my name to a typical Russian name. Oh yes, and I will totally love vodka. so, there we go, me and my vodka loving self.

Darn it, I keep on forgetting that we are all going to die in a little over 5 month, so here, Apocalypse Update: it looks very nice and quiet down here. The pool which is right under my windows is open, and all the crazy kids and screaming all day long. Right now, at 1:30 am I hear someone diving in it. I guess that could be considered to be a horrible destruction... on my peace at least...

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