Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Don't Take my Manhood Away"

I have posted a while ago about my 2 cat-friends. What I didn't mention is that Cuteness has been castrated while Monkey hasn't. Cuteness was born in the wild, but he and his 2 brothers were captured by a local "Humane Society" and butchered. As a result he and one of his brothers, Boss, developed psychological as well as physical problems. The other brother, Barron was OK more or less, in a sense that it didn't effect him as drastically. What happened to Boss and Cuteness however is as follows: the scar is way too large, and the surrounding area gets inflamed from time to time. It hangs like an extra flab of skin and is reddened. Boss, although liked having his tummy scratched would sometimes remember what was done to him and go into a complete craze mode trying to protect himself and his organs. Cuteness gets visibly upset whenever there is any talk about testicles around. He understands perfectly well what happened and does get upset when he is reminded of it. 

When we found Monkey, he was in a very bad shape, but his organs were all in place. Thanks to that he is developing really well, growing fast and has huge paws. We never had a problem with his behavior, or grooming. He knows we love him, he loves us and he doesn't want to upset us by making a mess. 

Both of my cats are staying at home because there are too many crazies out there who would try to hit a cat on purpose. I try to make their life indoors as fun as possible by giving them things to climb on and play with. 

So, here is a question, why am I told that I need to cut Monkey's balls off? 

Now, here is exactly what happened. We went to a pet store, and there were these tiny kittens there. Now, first of all, the store was PETCO and it's known for it's mistreatment of animals, which is why I ended up getting only what I needed ASAP and calling it a day. So, this lady sees me and Vincent looking at the kittens and says that the only thing is that the kittens aren't "fixed" because they are too young. Vincent tells her that we are against butchering animals and she gives us a whole lecture about how there are too many cats in "Humane Society" being killed every day because cats just keep on reproducing. Here is the question: can you call it "humane" if they kill animals there? And is it ok for us humans to tell other animals if they can have children or not? How many humans want to have kids sometime in their life? How many suffer because they can't? Why can't we assume that animals can have the same feelings? I know Cuteness is very happy we have Monkey because it's the closest to being a father he can get. He teaches him how to fight, how to hunt, all the things fathers would teach their kids in the wild. Infertility isn't where it stops however. Cat's can't even have sex. They can't develop properly, the way mother nature intended. Heads of male cats don't grow to the proper size if they are castrated. Hormones aren't produced ether, which leads to a whole array of problems. Medically, there is only one benefit for this practice, it reduces chances of mammary cancer in both males and females. The side effects are many however: increase rates in many types of cancer, hair loss, CCL rapture, obesity, increase in adverse reactions to vaccinations, psychological problems, inability to develop properly not to mention possible death during the procedure. 

I live by the rule, don't do to others what you wouldn't want to be done to you. I wouldn't want someone to take my reproductive organs away from me as long as they are healthy. If I have ovarian cancer for example, that's a different story, but if I'm healthy, I want it intact. I would never want anyone to take my ability to have sex away from me ether. If someone thinks there are too many creatures like me to take care of, don't take care of me then. Let me out in the wild where I can fend for myself. Honestly, I don't see why instead of killing animals, shelters don't just let them go in the woods. Cats can hunt, and they will not overpopulate because there are predators out there. In the area I live in, we have coyotes and cougars, bears, gray owls, and many more who would keep the population down the good old natural way. You know, the way that actually gives cats a chance at life.

Anyway, after talking to this lady, I really wanted to cut her uterus out and cut her husband's balls off, because I really don't want people like her to reproduce, but do I have a moral right to do it?

I talked to many people who view other animals as a lesser beings. Most of them happen to be Christians (not all Christians are like this, but for some odd reason, many are) and their thought process is that humans are special because god gave us the ability to love. Animals however love because it's an instinct, not god's gift. Because of this thinking these people think they have the right to do what ever they want to the animals. They don't want to understand that animals have feelings. That you can stop your cat from acting all crazy by simply loving it and talking to it.

I know my opinion on this matter isn't a popular one, but think about it, would you want it to be done to you? In fact it was done to people in the past, not that long ago. There was this notion that some races shouldn't be reproducing, as a result, many black women got procedure like this done to them. We can all look back now and shutter at the injustice and horror of such acts. People who were doing it viewed blacks as lesser beings, dumb, unable of complex thought, wild animals... They were viewed about the same as many now view cats. It took us long enough, but we did figure out that every race of humans is capable of complex thought and emotion, that we are all equal. How long will it take until we look at a cat, exchange the loving looks and understand that they too can feel? 


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